Well, we are trying to keep our shops open for repairs only. You have to contact us on  01823 762897 (Taunton) and 01225 571440 (Bath) or drop us a message on Facebook. You can also use our online booking system. If you need an iPhone screen repair then you can purchase it online clicking here. 

Ok, that was about us in Taunton and Bath. But let’s see if you are in another town or city in the UK, what are the other options. Apple stores might be closed from Thursday 05th of November, according to the company’s website. Sources: 2. But you can’t just rely on a Genius Bar or in-house expertise to solve the problem on-site. While companies like Apple have essentially stopped repairing, a handful of external repair chains have come forward to continue offering services. Depending on how badly you have been injured, it may be possible to go to an Apple store and have your device repaired without authorization from an authorized repair shop. Sources: 0, 2

Those who can work with a screwdriver may also consider repairing their device themselves using iFixit’s repair guide.You can order a repair kit from iFixit. There are kits that contain everything you need, including everything from replacing a broken iPhone screen to replacing the battery of an Android phone

If you prefer not to take your phone to an Apple store or third-party facilities to have it repaired, you can send it directly to Apple. Find out which repair services are offered by using the company’s availability tool. While you are setting up the repair, an option “Send repair” appears on the screen, which asks how you want to get help and how you can forget to help. 

Local phone repair shops typically charge less for phone repairs than retailers like Apple and Samsung. Sources: 1. Again, it is probably best to call the local company to confirm that it is open and ensure that they meet deadlines and have parts in stock to complete a particular repair. In the past, Apple has tried to steer users away from independent repairers by removing guarantees for such repairs. The right to repair is gaining traction and has enabled such shops to buy genuine Apple products. Apple also gives free access to independent stores that offer warranty repairs for iPhones. Sources: 1. So, on google search for the Phone Repair shop in Taunton or Phone Repair Shop near me.

Samsung tells us: “You can have your S9 battery replaced for free, provided you are dealing with material or workmanship defects. The company advises that you contact the nearest Samsung Service Center to have the device examined. Sources: 5

Click the button below to start the repair request . You can also find out which repair services are offered via Phone Junkies website. 

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Apple is getting complaints from iPhone 7 matte black customers about the chipped paint. The problem was first reported to 9to5Mac.com. There are even grumbles on Apple’s official support forums. 

This is the complaint from one of the customer on Apple’s official support forum:

“I’ve bought my iPhone 7 Plus and after 3 weeks the paint started chipping/peeling near the right speakers. I have contacted Apple care and they asked to send a few images of the problem and after 12 days they told me it is not covered under warranty since it is under cosmetic damage,” 

According to testimonies on Apple’s support forums, Apple refused to exchange phones damaged in this way for new ones, claiming its “wear and tear” damage that the warranty does not cover. 

Jet Black models seemed to be possibly worrying as well, as the company itself advised it could scratch easily.