Well, we are trying to keep our shops open for repairs only. You have to contact us on  01823 762897 (Taunton) and 01225 571440 (Bath) or drop us a message on Facebook. You can also use our online booking system. If you need an iPhone screen repair then you can purchase it online clicking here. 

Ok, that was about us in Taunton and Bath. But let’s see if you are in another town or city in the UK, what are the other options. Apple stores might be closed from Thursday 05th of November, according to the company’s website. Sources: 2. But you can’t just rely on a Genius Bar or in-house expertise to solve the problem on-site. While companies like Apple have essentially stopped repairing, a handful of external repair chains have come forward to continue offering services. Depending on how badly you have been injured, it may be possible to go to an Apple store and have your device repaired without authorization from an authorized repair shop. Sources: 0, 2

Those who can work with a screwdriver may also consider repairing their device themselves using iFixit’s repair guide.You can order a repair kit from iFixit. There are kits that contain everything you need, including everything from replacing a broken iPhone screen to replacing the battery of an Android phone

If you prefer not to take your phone to an Apple store or third-party facilities to have it repaired, you can send it directly to Apple. Find out which repair services are offered by using the company’s availability tool. While you are setting up the repair, an option “Send repair” appears on the screen, which asks how you want to get help and how you can forget to help. 

Local phone repair shops typically charge less for phone repairs than retailers like Apple and Samsung. Sources: 1. Again, it is probably best to call the local company to confirm that it is open and ensure that they meet deadlines and have parts in stock to complete a particular repair. In the past, Apple has tried to steer users away from independent repairers by removing guarantees for such repairs. The right to repair is gaining traction and has enabled such shops to buy genuine Apple products. Apple also gives free access to independent stores that offer warranty repairs for iPhones. Sources: 1. So, on google search for the Phone Repair shop in Taunton or Phone Repair Shop near me.

Samsung tells us: “You can have your S9 battery replaced for free, provided you are dealing with material or workmanship defects. The company advises that you contact the nearest Samsung Service Center to have the device examined. Sources: 5

Click the button below to start the repair request . You can also find out which repair services are offered via Phone Junkies website. 

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You ever been playing a game or writing a message on your iPhone, only to be interrupted by a phone call? Well, that’s a thing of the past in iOS 14, which displays incoming calls in the form of a banner at the top of the display, and swiping them away dismisses them without disconnecting the call. Nobody will ever know you’re ignoring them again!

Even answering the call won’t take up the entire display, and you’re free to interact with your apps while your call is sat at the top of the display.

If you do want the full-screen phone experience, you can tap the banner at the top to expand it. It’s a simple change, but one that dramatically changes the overall experience of iOS. 


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Apple has also introduced a way to customise your app icons in iOS 14 – although it isn’t as straightforward as some might like.

To customise your app icons, you’ll have to create a shortcut within the Shortcuts app that opens the real app and then customise the shortcut’s Home screen icon. It’s a workaround admittedly, and it means the Shortcuts app will momentarily open before opening the app of your choice, but the option is there if you want it.

The process is a little complicated, so we’ve gone step-by-step in our full how to change app icons in iOS 14 tutorial. 


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We’ve mentioned it a few times, so it’s time to address it: the App Library. Accessible via sideswipe, it’s what makes removing apps from the Home screen possible, presenting all your installed apps either in list form or via smart folders.

The latter splits your apps into various categories – including a dedicated folder for Apple Arcade games, and another for recently installed apps – for easy access. You can tap on the largest app icons to open the app directly, or tap the smaller icons to open the folder, and the largest app icons will automatically change depending on app usage. 

It’s certainly a nice spin on Android’s App Drawer, but only time will tell whether those folders are truly smart enough to automatically organise your favourite apps and games. 


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For the first time in iOS history, you’ve now got the option of removing an app from your Home screen without deleting it entirely. It’ll still be accessible via widgets, the App Library and the Search bar, but it won’t be cluttering your Home screen. Besides, with widgets now available, you’ll need all the space you can get! To remove an app without deleting it, simply press and hold until the app icons jiggle, tap the x and tap Remove from Home Screen.


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Find out hidden features on your iOS 14! Tips and Tricks that will maximize the usage of your iPhone device.

There are hundreds of new features in iOS 14, many of which are immediately obvious like the new Home Screen widgets, the App Library, pinned conversations and mentions in Messages, a compact UI for Siri and Phone calls, and more, but there are also tons of features that are less immediately obvious.

In this video, we’ve rounded up some of the most useful hidden features you’ll find in the ‌iOS 14‌ update.


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Widgets aren’t new – they were first introduced to the Today View in iOS 10 – but for the first time, you can place widgets on the Home screen alongside your apps. It’s a much-loved feature of Android, and it’s great to see Apple finally fully embrace widgets after all these years. 

There are a bunch of new widgets for iOS 14, including those for fitness rings (ideal for Apple Watch owners), battery life, Maps, Photos and more. There’s also what Apple calls a Smart Stack widget that’ll provide you with Siri app suggestions directly on your Home screen. It’s all based on your habits, and we’ve found it to be pretty helpful – especially now that not all apps live on the Home screen. 

To add widgets to your Home screen in iOS 14, simply tap and hold anywhere on your Home screen until your app icons begin to jiggle. Then tap the + icon in the top-left, select the widget you’d like to place and drop it on your Home screen. 

The only widgets available right now are those for built-in apps, but with the release of iOS 14 today, it’s likely we’ll see third-party options appearing soon. Could we see an Android-esque Spotify widget to control music playback? One can only hope.  


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As well as removing individual apps from your Home screen, you can get rid of entire pages at once. But, unlike with removing individual apps, you can re-add the pages with a tap – no need to drag-and-drop apps from the App Library one by one. To hide pages, simply press and hold on the Home screen until icons begin to jiggle, then tap the app page icon (dots) at the bottom of the screen. From there, it’s as simple as unchecking the pages you want to hide and tapping Done to apply the change. 


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Google has been talking for a long time about replacing simple SMS messaging with RCS (Rich Communications Services) to offer a more WhatsApp-like experience from your basic messaging app, and now, finally, it’s about to make the move. At least, it is for users in the UK and France.

According to The Verge in conversation with Google, the company will offer RCS to those in the UK and France later in June. It’s able to do this as it’s going to use its servers to offer RCS directly – previously it was working with mobile networks to get them to support it, but progress was slow, so it’s cutting out the middleman.

RCS will be an opt-in service through the standard Google Messages app. So you won’t need a new app and if you want to stick with SMS, you can.

But for most people this should be a worthwhile upgrade, as RCS enables things like read receipts, typing indicators, high-quality media, and other things typical of more modern messaging services.

The only major downside is that unlike things like WhatsApp and iMessage, it doesn’t support end-to-end encryption, so your communications aren’t as secure, though Google claims to be working on this.

Right now there’s no public timeframe for when specific countries other than the UK and France will get access to Google’s RCS upgrade, but more countries will apparently get it “throughout the year”, so wherever you live you might not be waiting too long.

At the very least, you’re likely to get access to RCS faster than you would if Google was still waiting for networks to support it.